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Friday, July 27, 2007

What the F*** New Zealand?

OK, what's with New Zealand? I just heard on the Daily Show that New Zealand's parliament just passed a law banning the use of images from their parliament for political satire.

Now leaving aside the obvious restriction of free speech in a democratic country, you'd think that a country that makes the kiwi it's national bird and then names themselves after that bird would have a sense of humor.

What's next? No hobbit jokes?


The Law Talking Guy said...

From NPR:
New Zealand Bans Forms of Political Satire
I found this story hard to believe when I first read it, but the government of New Zealand, land of hobbit films and sheep, last month banned broadcasters from using images captured inside parliament to "satirise, ridicule or denigrate MPs," The New Zealand Herald reports.

Apparently, Kiwi politicians were upset at the media for broadcasting images of government ministers appearing to sleep at their desks or making rude gestures. But it wasn't just members of the governing party who were saying "no humor allowed" -- only six members of the 121-seat parliament voted against the measure.

Not only is the move unpopular with the people of New Zealand (in a recent poll, 71 percent said they opposed the ban), but it probably won't help the country's image in the larger world. I can just imagine what the Australians (who make fun of Kiwis endlessly anyway) will do with it -- or someone like Jon Stewart or those great British comedy shows.

Some New Zealand television networks have said they won't comply with the ban, which took effect Monday. Now, Prime Minister Helen Clark's government is "in talks" with the media about changing parts of it. Does that mean we'll hear reports of furious backpedaling and flimsy rationalizations coming from Wellington any day now?

Anonymous said...

As we say in Australia: why do NZers move to Australia? Because you can't live on boiling mud.

Sheep, hobbits, All Blacks who hit each other with handbags, and now this...

Spotted Handfish