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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two things

1. I don't think that Ben Nelson is anyone's favorite senator here. He is a Democrat, but only jut barely. And his interview with Stephen Colbert reaffirms that -- he is against timetables for withdrawal from Iraq, leaning more on the "let's hope the President changes his mind" plan. But still, check out the video at C&L. While Nelson disagrees with the Democrats' policy, he doesn't take any potshots at them. Instead, he actually takes a few (mild) shots at the president. So I guess what I'm saying is that I'd MUCH rather have a Ben Nelson in the Senate than a Joe Lieberman. Check out the video, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Also, Colbert tries to make the following point: if you fund the war, the President can do whatever he wants with the money; he's the commander-guy. The only way to stop the war is by de-funding it.

2. If Oprah throws all her weight (not a fat joke) behind a Barack Obama candidacy, watch out. What percentage of the female vote would he get? 80%?


Anonymous said...

I have some relatives in Nebraska who are Democrats and they far prefer the Republican Senator (Hegel) to Nelson.

I think his confusing position on this issue is a result of his ham handed attempts to appear to be independent.


Anonymous said...

While I think that Oprah could exert a lot of influence, I'm cautious about the overall effect her support would have on Obama's candidacy.

For one thing, I think her target demographic, while female, is relatively conservative and older than one might think.*

She's also been the subject of fairly frequent and recent criticism for pet causes (her school in South Africa) as well as her support of windbags like Dr. Phil and the dubious "philosophy" of The Secret.

While women might tune in mid-day to watch some show about doing yoga with the kids or cooking low-fat meals, I think her audience does pick and choose what parts of Brand Oprah they will support.

My hope is that she could get more women interested in politics, but I'm not sure how happy that would make the advertisers or her fan base.

-Seventh Sister

*I've probably seen parts of two episodes in the past 10 years. It was OK, but I like my TV either "smart" (X-Files, CSI) or really really really dumb (My Super Sweet 16). My mom and aunt seem to really like it, though.

Anonymous said...

So Oprah is the Johny Carson of day time TV? Some one palatable and non-threatening that middle aged middle Americans can get excited about?

My Mom is a HUGE fan of Ellen Digeneris.


The Law Talking Guy said...

Oprah's endorsement will not hurt Obama. It may help. But it would be even better if, rather than endorsing him, she just showered him with lots of free airtime and softball interviews.