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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Leaning Towards Edwards

Hi Gang,

I've been busy getting ready to move into my little house on the prairie but I have had time to see a couple of Democratic presidential candidates speak. I've seen Obama twice and Edwards now once. I liked Edwards a lot more than Obama.

Obama is great on the big picture stuff. Very inspirational. But he not just weak on details, he fails completely to be specific on any policy whatsoever.

Edwards moves seemlessly between nuts and bolts details about the costs and benefits of his health care policy and the inspirational stuff that Obama excels at. Edwards also seems much more aware of what the Republicans are going to throw at whoever the Democratic candidate is.

I'm not quite ready to decide who I'll support/root for but I'm really leaning towards Edwards now.


USWest said...

Welcome to the club. ;-)

My only complaint with Edwards is that he has that "Tom Cruisish" grin and strikes me at times as somewhat clich├ęd and mawkish. But then again, most people like that sort of thing, so maybe many voters will go for it.

Obama, as I have already said, is light weight. As has been said before, he's great on the big ideas, light on the details.

So far, I still put Hillary out front. I think she is incredibly able, tough, well-studied, and very prudent. I respect her. But like many Democrats I have reservations, namely that she will become an easy target for another 8 years of nasty Washington back biting. I don't think she herself is divisive, but I think that just being a Clinton and a female in a time when fundamentalists are running around DC will hamper her.

She lacks her husbands' political savvy, and will constantly be compared to him like I just did there.

There is a long way to go on this campaign trail.

Does anyone have an opinion on Howard Dean's move to block Florida votes from being counted in the primary is the state moves its election to Jan? He has even threatened to exclude candidates who run in Florida. I haven't followed the story closely, but I tend to think that it is rather unfair for the Democratic party to disenfranchise voters who have already been disenfranchised so many times before. And I think it is heavy-handed to punish candidates.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I worry that Edwards has so little experience. Obama has done politics at lots of levels; Edwards had a one-off stint in the US Senate.

RBR, Edwards is a populist. You don't like populists. What gives?

Raised By Republicans said...

On policy, I prefer a less populist candidate but in a world where political debate is limited to the populist/religious right versus the populist/religious left, I'll chose the left.

On policy, I prefer Biden or Clinton but I have my doubts about their ability to win in the general (or in Biden's case, even the primaries). Like US West, I've come to the conclusion that Obama is too weak on policy details to support - even if I am convinced that he's brilliant.

Ren said...

Has anyone said anything about Obama as VP yet? I do really like him, but what about having him be the smiling face inspiring everyone to vote for his running mate, who talks details?