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Saturday, June 16, 2007

G8 and Open Secrets

UM . . . HELLO! Is Bush pouring a real beer here? No wonder he spits food and slurs.


The Law Talking Guy said...

So he was hung over, not "flu" or "stomachache" or whatever. No surprise there. He's hitting the sauce again...

USWest said...

Actually in poking around the web, this was just one of what appeared to be many examples of his drinking. Seems it has been going on for a long while. It was reported that while he was in Mongolia on November 2005 he sampled Airag, which is fermented milk with an alcohol content ranging from three to twelve percent. It was on this same trip that he tried to escape reporters’ questions by fleeing and instead walked into a locked door. He said it was jet lag.

My friends from the Republic of Georgia said that during Bush's visit there, the First Lady kept her husband very close by, watching him like a hawk. Then there are famous scenes from last year’s G-8 where he was seen giving Merkel a back rub and spiting food at Tony Blair while sipping a diet Coke.

Others have said that he bears the signs of someone who has been back on the sauce, turning up with oddly explained bruises on his face, being late for meetings-always with excuses, being found passed out while alone (i.e. the mysterious pretzel incident),
slurred speech and stammering responses to simple questions; anger and hostility in front of staff members; trouble remembering recent events or comments. etc. So reports say that he has been known to crack a near beer with folks at his Ranch. (I wonder if any of those long trips back to the ranch at inopportune times were dry outs?) AA discourages the use of things like "near beer" because it also contains low levels of alcohol and the smell alone is likely to trigger the craving in again.

Nope, I am pretty for sure that we have an alcoholic president who may well be on anti-depressants at the same time. Boy I can't wait until the story of this Administration gets told, if it ever does.

Raised By Republicans said...

There is also a thing flying around the internet about Bush showing signs of a form of nervous disorder/senility/dimentia that is brought on by drug use.

I've thought from the start that the Republicans who supported Bush as being more moral, more stable than Clinton were either insane, religous fanatics (same thing), or cynics.

All we can hope for now is that the country has learned its lesson and will never trust Jeb Bush with the kind of power his father and drunk of a brother have enjoyed.