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Saturday, December 16, 2006


News reports now confirm that the "re-baathification" of Iraq is officially underway. Al-Maliki has invited old Baathists back into the Army and the government, in hopes of quelling the violence. Bush's failure in Iraq continues to plumb new depths. As the old guard comes back into the government, the sole "success" of Bush's war in Iraq, regime change, no longer looks 100% clear anymore.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that there was a form of re-baathification that took place back in 2004, however it wasn't called that. After disbanning the military in 2004, the mistake became apparent. So they allowed Baathists back in. They never really said so. THe "New Iraqi military" was full of former Baathists. Many broke off into insurgencies. Now they are seasoned war fighters. And we are going to have to pay these guys well, something we weren't ready to do in 2004.

I hate to shoot ideas down, especially those meant to address a problem. But I am skeptical about this working. If nothing else, if enough people come back, it would allow us to say we have handed things back over to the Iraqis and then to pull out. 

// posted by USWest