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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Separate Peace

There is no military solution known for terrorism. The military can destroy terrorists where they operate openly (as they once did in Afghanistan, and currently do in Lebanon). The military can isolate and invade their state sponsors (as the Bush Doctrine might have applied to Sudan, Iran, North Korea, or Syria--if Bush really believed his own doctrine). The military can secure our borders (providing increased "homeland security" for air, land, and sea attacks).

When it comes to stopping homegrown madmen like the 7/7 London Bombers however, or eradicating organizations with broad popular support like Hizbollah, or subduing organizations with narrower--even opposing--bases of support like those in Northern Ireland once had, and those in Iraq have now, all attempts at a military solution have failed. The proof is plain for all to see: Al Qaeda remains a deadly threat and Osama bin Laden remains free; Hizbollah rises again in Lebanon and the violence rises in Iraq.

The Bush Administration does not understand that 9/11 changed everything. They keep trying the same easy answers; they still think that the old ways will work--that if we just hit 'em hard enough, the terrorists will fall. But we are trying to box with someone who knows jiu-jitsu; the terrorists have learned how to use our strengths and our anger against us.

The global war on terror has failed. Now it's time to do the hard work of building a secure peace. This will required a sustained effort of international cooperation, economic development, and law enforcement. The path to war has been swift, yet the road to a secure peace will be long and difficult, for terrorism knows no borders and peace and prosperity will never again be secure until they are shared by all.

The true lesson of 9/11 is that when it comes to terrorists, we cannot win a military victory and we cannot make a separate peace. I hope a Democrat will say that in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Right wingers hate the judiciary so much, and they constantly tell us that terrorism is not a criminal problem, but a military one. Domestically, it's a criminal problem, little different from organized crime. The mafia is actually far more dangerous, destructive, and deadly than any domestic terrorist group, by the way. The way to deal with domestic terrorism is to use the tools the FBI has developed in rooting out the mob. On an international basis, the war against piracy is very instructive, including state-sponsored piracy.  

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posts. The War Against Terrorism is a pointless activity. What we find is that as the US and allies adjust their tactics so do the "combatants". The war machine cannot move fast enough, and hence what is required is people on the ground. That is always going to be dangerous.

The only way to "fight" is economically and through education and understanding. Education reduces future fighters. Understanding requires participation by both sides. Economics should be used to decrease the things that upset people (guns, bombs) and increase the tings that make people happier (water, food, housing, utilities). These can be done is various ways. (The unexpected one that comes to mind is the cessation of IRA funding after 9/11.)

And can we stop calling things "wars" when they are not...? 

// posted by Numbat