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Friday, August 11, 2006

Bush is right

And Iraq is dangerous, and it's dangerous because terrorists want us to leave. And we're not leaving.

-- President Bush, October 2003

You know, I used to disagree with the President on this, but now I think he's right. It reminds me of recently, when I was chasing a rattlesnake and he kept biting me every time I poked him with a stick. And I thought to myself, "Sure, I could stop poking him with a stick, but that's exactly what he would want. So I can't do that." When I woke up in a hospital three days later I felt confident that I had done the right thing.


Anonymous said...

C. S. Lewis once said that when you have been travelling down the road for a long time, progress means turning around 180 degrees and marching back. Bush is wrong about this. The only 'defeat' we will admit in Iraq is Bush's foreign policy. If that givses succour to the terrorists, so be it. 

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...


I'm reminded of a Star Trek episode where Kirk et al come across a pair of planets that have been fighting a computerized simulated war for centuries. Every time they want to fight a battle, they essentiall send an email to the opposing planet saying, "we launch missiles at your city" and the computers calculate the casualties that would result from such an attack. At that point, the target planet's government randomly selects people to be killed in disintegration booths. Kirk is so disgusted by this state of affairs that he violates the Prime Directive (again) and starts destoying the simulation system and disintegration booths of one of the planets ... forcing "the real thing" on the two planets. Then he offers to leave a Federation diplomat behind to negotiate a new peace treaty.  

// posted by Raised By Republicans