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Sunday, August 29, 2004

H.L. Mencken Quotation

Here is a statement by H.L. Mencken that I think neatly points out the problem with the current theocratic tendencies of the Republican Party:

"So long as theologians keep within their proper bounds, science has no quarrel with them, for it is no more able to prove that they are wrong then they themselves are able to prove that they are right. But human experience shows that they never keep within their proper bounds voluntarily; they are always bulging over the line, and making a great uproar over things that they know nothing about. "
Prejudices: Fifth Series [1926]: "From the Files of a Book Reviewer",., p.125

Think of this when considering Republican policies on health care (stem cells) and education ("rational design" versus evolutionary biology). Think of this when considering a President who orders other men to war after consulting only a "higher father" instead of his own biological father who was not only President before but also Director of the CIA!

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