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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saudi Spills Beans is reporting (here) that a Saudi prince let slip that his family wants oil prices to stay lower to prevent Americans and Europeans from investing too much in alternative fuels.

"We don't want the West to go and find alternatives, because, clearly, the higher the price of oil goes, the more they have incentives to go and find alternatives," said Talal, who is listed by Forbes as the 26th richest man in the world.

This just underscores the central role that research in renewable energy sources and electric cars should play in our national security thinking. But the Republicans want us to back off from renewables, reinforce our relationship with oil sheiks and spend lots and lots on new wars and weapons in the Middle East.


The Law Talking Guy said...

Oil sheiks are just illegitimate dictators - all of them. Our support for them and their barbarous governments because they have oil undermines every other aspect of our foreign policy over a third of the globe, not to mention the war on terror. The sooner we throw the house of Sa'ud to the dogs, the better.

Raised By Republicans said...