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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wow, a bit of good news from Tea Party Nation:

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips put out a list yesterday of the "top five liberal hate groups," because "while the Left loves to accuse the Tea Party and Conservatives to be members of hate groups [sic], the simple fact is, there are a lot of liberal hate groups." And who made the cut for the top five? The NAACP, the Department of Homeland Security, the ACLU, the SEIU, and of course, the Southern Poverty Law Center.


The number two spot went to the DHS for taking part in "silly political posturing from the most corrupt regime in the history of this country." Referring to Secretary Janet Napolitano as "the DHS Clown in Chief," the list says that the "DHS will not enforce border security. It makes Americans go through a joke of a security system when they want to fly. It invades their privacy while not going after terrorists."
(emphasis mine)

Can I hold out hope that this means we will be getting rid of it soon, now that people on the left and right both distrust it? Or is it (as a jaded person might suggest) that everyone in America hates it except elected officials, and thus it will remain forever?

I also have this same question about indefinite detention.


Raised By Republicans said...

I fear that the tea party does not speak for the Republican party in this one. DHS is their baby. They beat the drum loudly for the consolidation of a number of police and intelligence powers into one agency. At the time I (along with many people left of center) thought this a huge and costly error. But the Republicans, lead by Bush-Cheney et al, argued that 9/11 was the result of a lack of exactly this kind of consolidation.

That the tea party has come around to the idea that a heavy concentration of police powers into one agency is a bad one, is welcome. However, they are probably only a plurality faction within the Republican Party and not always able to impose their will on the party as a whole.

At this point, getting rid of DHS would be so costly just from the point of view of administrative restructuring that it argues against reform until better times arrive.

USWest said...

But the other "liberal hate groups" like the NAACP and the ACLU may be upping the pressure on the DHS- especially the airport security crap and the immigration law in Arizona.

The Law Talking Guy said...

This is exactly like the deficit. A concern when Dems are in power, but only then.