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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Noting the Absurd

There are moments when I suddenly get a real sarcastic mood going and everything I hear in the news seems absurd. So here are some random thoughts on some of the absurdities that have caught my eye. They probably aren’t worth much for commentary, but maybe John Stewart will pick up a few ideas. And there is something in here for everyone.

The UN is meeting this week to “re-energize” the fight against poverty. HRC is promoting the use of “low-emission” cook stoves in “pre-industrialized” nations to improve the quality of life. Well, just great. Let them live longer so they can enjoy that poverty longer.

This comes the same week that the census bureau released U.S. poverty figures (useless as they are since they probably "mis-underestimates") showing a 3% rise on 2009. Well everyone, better pick up your low-emission cooking stove now. You can get the cheap model in straight black or a higher end model in your choice of colors.

The Fed says it’s ready to do more to aid the economic recovery. But we all know that the the “recession” is officially over. So what is there to recover? This is new norm.

The Vatican is involved in a money laundering probe. Well, surprise, surprise. How else was it going to shield its cash from the lawyers of molestation victims? Indulgence anyone? Sale next week at St. Peter’s- the sight of money in the temple is bound to bring Jesus back.

I just got back from Switzerland. Great trip, fine country. Loved it. The travel itself sucks. Jammed into to 2 inches of space, nearly threw my back out trying to climb over the armrest so I could get out to use the toilet, the indignity and stupidity of airport screening, having United Airlines remind you of your plight by telling you every 10 minutes that there are seats available in economy plus (an extra $100 per seat) where you get an extra 5 inches (I won’t go there on that Freudian publicity), being death marched past the 1st class cabin with its 6 seats that take up the space of 10 in economy (oh, but they get to board crossing over a red floor mat, you don’t.) etc. All that said, the airline profits are up. They are expecting $9 bil in profits this year. Gee, glad to see that the $1400 /ticket I paid went to a good cause.

Brazil is holding elections now. Dilma Rousseff is running strong. Check her out on the web. Where do you think the inspiration for her campaign logo came from? Posers.
Among the many candidates for several governmental positions, I hear there are entertainers, such as a clown called “Tiririca” running for the chamber of Deputies. There are also former residents of mental wards. Glad to see we aren’t the only ones who bring our nuts out at election time.

And a sure sign that pop cultural has passed me by: I listened to a local radio station and heard the ever romantic lycis from Jordan Sparks, "You're on my heart just like a tattoo. Just like a tattoo. I'll always have you ..."


The Law Talking Guy said...

I'm not sure what's wrong with the low-emission cookstoves. Although low-fuel would be better since fuel is what costs money and is hard to come by.

Unfortunately, a recession is just a period when the economy is shrinking. So as soon as it stops shrinking, it is not in recession, even if it is smaller than it was before and way smaller than it needs to be. I think the Fed should do a better job and create a new definition of "downturn" or something that doesn't "end" until we get back to where we were when we started.

Raised By Republicans said...

The Vatican laundering money? Shocking!

My dad (a historian of accounting) said the Church more or less inventing modern accounting so they should be pretty good at hiding their money from lawyers. Come to think of it, they probably invented the legal profession too so...

USwest said...

Nothing wrong really the cook stoves. It is a practical idea, but it is so small. And it is such an old idea. Been out there about as long a microlending. And it was presented in the news like "this is one way to end poverty". That is where I found the absurdity.

I am convinced that the church also created sexuality and then banned it. Before that, people just did it without much thought. Ah, the gold ole days before everything was a sin.

Raised By Republicans said...

Hey, you gotta ban SOMETHING...

The Law Talking Guy said...

Ah, I see about the cooking stoves. I missed the context that this was supposed to be THE big idea. It is rather trivial.

How about a special tax on billionaires to buy food for starving people? I'm such a pinko.