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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Obama and the Democrats Have Accomplished

A lot of people on the left are complaining about things President Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress haven't done that they think he should have done. But let's take a look at some of things they have accomplished. This post idea comes to me as I see reports that the last combat troops are leaving Iraq today.

The Stimulus: It's unpopular these days and Republicans are fond of saying that it didn't work but I think it's clear that the stimulus saved a huge number of jobs and set a relatively firm bottom at a time when the economy looked to be on an uncontrollable downward spiral. Yes, it's increase in debt/deficit risks inflation down the road but I'll take the possibility of inflation tomorrow over the certainty of deflation today 10 times out of 10. The risk of deflation is still with us but the stimulus has staved off a deflationary spiral.

Health Care Reform: Again, the standard media line is that this is unpopular but the nature of that unpopularity should be seen in light of disappointment on the left that the bill did not go far enough. This is still a big step forward in US health care policy. That it was passed in the wake of a massive economic crisis and two wars (all dumped on this President and Congress by the outgoing Republicans) is astounding.

Getting out of Iraq: Aside from saving American lives, getting our combat troops out of Iraq will have long term economic benefits. If we stayed in Iraq it would be a budget buster for the foreseeable future.

I'm sure there are more things we could list but these three are huge.

Sure there are things yet to be done that we had hoped would be done by now (like immigration reform and the final closure of Guantanamo etc). But do the people who voted for Obama and Democrats so enthusiastically really want to punish the record above? Do they really want to elect people who would have us stop all government stimulus spending and instead cut taxes for the wealthy (the same things that encouraged the Bush-Bubble in the first place)? Do they really want to elect people who think that rationing health care based on personal wealth of the patients is OK? Do they really want to elect the people who lead us into Iraq and would have us still stuck there if they had been in power for the last 2 years?


Dr. Strangelove said...
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Dr. Strangelove said...

Hear, hear, RbR! I am getting pretty sick of hearing people bellyache that Obama has not done enough. I cannot understand their expectations... It's like they are living in some fantasy world where the President can just wave his hand and fix everything.

Given the crippling recession, the ongoing wars, not to mention the near-total obstructionism from the Republican minority, what the Obama administration has nevertheless managed to achieve in just eighteen months is almost miraculous.

And I would add Financial Regulatory Reform to your list--it's yet another big accomplishment that the naysayers assured us Could Not Be Done.

He's also done a lot of small things for gay rights that add up. Hospitals that accept federal funding (which is nearly all of them) now must treat domestic partners as family members, and allow them to visit their loved ones. Federal employees can now get long-term health insurance for their partners, and they have access to the same daycare facilities. The Federal Housing Authority can no longer consider the sexual orientation of loan applicants. The Census is counting same-sex couples for the first time.

Small steps? Sure. But they make a difference. This is what progress looks like, people.

Barb said...

Thank you, it's about time people realize the 2008 election did not give President Obama a magic wand to give us everything we want overnight. We, Progressives, need to take the offense and attack the Republicans. I hope I see some backbone after Labor Day.

USwest said...

Why wait unti after Labor Day? Better to start now.

Anonymous said...

we can also look at the things he has failed to do like bush did as well.

1.) he failed to secure the boarders. this has led some states to start taking things in to their own hands but is that real their job to do?

2.) he has failed to focus on the one major problem of our high unemployment rate and i mean the real unemployment rate the one that includes the underemployed and the people have gave up looking.

3.) he has failed to keep this country safe. we have had last time i counted three terrorist attracts since he has taken office.

i am sure i could drum up more but also their are credible sources all over the internet explaining how the stimulus bill has actually failed badly with is also a bush creation...