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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senator Crist (I-FL)

This is big political news. Charlie Crist, governor of Florida, has left the GOP and is running as an independent. He knows that Marco Rubio, a very right-wing Republican, will beat him in the primary this year. But Crist still thinks he can win the general. How? My guess is this:
1. Crist believes that as the economy improves this summer, voter anger will fade. Voters will start looking for candidates who aren't angry. That will lead them away from the GOP. Crist is a natural choice.
2. Crist's thinks defection will anger the partisan core, but not even the whole partisan base. That's probably correct.
3. Crist is betting that Rubio is bound to make some gaffes that will discredit him and allow Crist to be seen as the "real" or "serious" Republican, even with the "I" next to his name.
4. Crist is betting that he can get some Democrats to vote strategically for him if they decide that the Democrat, Kendrick Meek, doesn't have a chance of winning.
5. It's a fun gamble. If he wins, he'll be very powerful in the Senate, because he'll have real independent credentials.
6. He's an egomaniac.


Bell Curve said...

Going along with #6 is that he doesn't really have any core principles. He just wants the power. I can't blame him.

The Law Talking Guy said...

"Surly only looks out for one guy -- Surly."