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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jim Cramer is an idiot

MSNBC's "financial expert," Jim Cramer was recently made famous for his incompetent analysis of the financial crisis by Jon Stewart.  Well, he's at it again.  This morning on Morning Joe with former Republican congressman, Joe Scarborough, Cramer was comparing GM to Boeing.  He was saying what a rotten company GM was and what a great triumph of capitalism Boeing was.  So far so good.  Then he we on to start bashing unions.  He said, "Name one successful company that is unionized...My rule for stocks is 'look for the union label' and if you see it, sell."  Here's the thing.  Boeing is unionized.  What's more, ask any European how successful Boeing would be without cushy military contracts and then ask yourself what a triumph of capitalism it is.

What a maroon.  


The Law Talking Guy said...

Every Vegas casino is unionized.

Anonymous said...

He's actually CNBC's (Cable's Nut Bag Cramer)guy, same family of companies I realize...I just don't think the MSNBC side of the business would even hire Cramer. People like Cramer really are infuriating...the guy on the assembly line making his / her $25 per hour didn't make the bad business decisions on what direction to take the company, the $20 million a year guy did...but by all means, attack the unions for it...moron is not a strong enough word!

Anonymous said...

Jim Cramer is like a flag blowing in the wind. He's blowing whatever way the market is. CNBC would be better off to get this goof-ball off the air. Whatever this goof-ball is doing, do the opposite and chances are you'll be doing yourself a favor.

Anonymous said...

The guy thinks so fast that he can't gets his words out fast enough. He is every ceo's friend (boring) He is an unchained nut case that can damage a lot of people's hard earned investments with his poor advice.