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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Thought on Strategy

This is a random thought that struck me when I heard this morning's announcement of Sonia Sotomayor as Obama's nominee for Justice Suitor's seat on the Supreme Court. I know nothing about Judge Sotomayor other than what I heard today. The commentary that I have heard throughout the day has been "oh, what an inspiring story." or, as one MPR host said in the form of a compliment, "She didn't put on airs. Her suit was very simple. You chould have walked into her office and thought she was a secretary. Black suit and yellow blouse." (I have massive issues with such observations, by the way. Gee, justice Alito is so simple. He wore a white shirt and black suit. It wasn't even Armani! His tie was a subdued blue. What else to you flippin' wear when you are a lawyer???? Geeze.) Later, as they dig into her record, this type of fluff will be replaced with more cogent commentary, I am sure.

But tell me, is this part of a strategy that Obama is using? Sell the story before all else and worry about the tough stuff later. Or is it show Americans that the American dream is alive and well by picking people with inspiring "only in America" stories? I am sure that Judge Sotomayoer is a fine, qualified judge. But I find the propoganda strategy rather transparent, even if it is effective.


Raised By Republicans said...

24 Hour News channels require babel to fill time. If they don't actually have any useful information they talk about clothes and hair. .... of course, it will be a long time before they know anything useful.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I know it's a side point, but the comment about her clothes is interesting. You are right that women's fashion permits a woman to make a range of sartorial choices that are simply off limits to men. So on the one hand, it is not ridiculous to ask what those choices mean. But the commentary about them is so lousy it might as well not be done. That is to say, I'm quite certain that whatever message Sotomayor was trying to send with her clothes, no (man) in the press will pick up on. For example, anyone who thought that's who secretaries dress, should be ashamed. I won't speculate on how often my secretary, a middle-aged gay man, wears a yellow blouse. But not to the office. The women secretaries don't dress that nicely either.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Sotomayor brings more experience that any nominee in the last 100 years, she is well qualified and has written opinions favoring the right and the left respective perspectives. There is a lot more to write and say about her than discussing her clothes to be sure. Her name has been floated about for several weeks as a front runner. Surely, you could expect NPR to have done some research on her background and opinions she has written. She was appointed in 1991 by Bush 41 and her career was advanced by Clinton in 1997 to her current station. The electorate is in the mood for minorities, so the public is already there with it, no public opinion to sway really. However, the Hispanic voting block is getting larger all the time, and this pick's transparency, is the politics of the move but at the same time, she is a good pick...with real world experience. To me, no matter what she wears, it is refreshing. I can't wait to see what porn queen Stormy Daniels wears in her first public address as a senatorial candidate!

Pombat said...


Can't wait for the day when what women think and say is a more important topic than what they wear. And for when older, respected, intelligent women are the fronts on a whole load of news shows, rather than younger, fluffy, ditzy women as the sidekicks and convenient self-fulfilling prophecy to the older respected men. Sigh.

Politically, smart pick even if it's transparent - double-whammy minority (Hispanic + female) can't hurt; if she's also well qualified and good, then it's gotta be good. Will be interested to hear opinions here as more info comes out.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Pombat, what are you wearing? ;)

Pombat said...

My steel toe-capped boots. Grrrr.


Anonymous said...

The secretaries in my office wear sweatpants. To the extent anybody dresses up, it's the more senior staff. I dress up a lot, but that's my own personal problem, liking clothes the way I do.

-Seventh Sister