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Monday, February 09, 2009

CSPAN Cracks the Nielsens

Not yet, but it will if this comes to pass. Porn star for Senator in Louisiana? At least she won't be sleeping with prostitutes, like Senator David Vitter. Imagine that! College kids hunkering down for a six-pack of Natural Light and a good filibuster. CSPAN 2 will be affectionately known as "the deuce." I mean, sure, the Italians already did this, but that's small beans. Just imagine someone addressing Stormy Daniels as "The distinguished gentlelady from Louisiana." Imagine the possibility of wardrobe malfunction!

Here's the best line: "She said she's planning a "listening tour" around Louisiana to talk about a range of matters, including the economy -- which along with women in business and protection of children are the three issues listed on her Web site. When told Vitter can be a tough opponent, she said she's "always up for a good fight."

I can see it now. Stormy Daniels and Kay Bailey Hutchison tear at one another's blond hair right down to the non-blond roots. You've come a long way, baby. Maybe this is why Hillary Clinton wanted out.

1 comment:

Pombat said...

Hmmm. Not entirely sure where to start with this one. For a start, we've already established that your sense of humor frequently differs from my sense of humour, and I honestly can't tell if you're joking here or not.

So, I'm going to assume that you are joking, and are not remotely serious about anything you've said in here. But since what's been said - if said by someone who was serious - raises some issues that I feel are worth debating, I'm going to reply to a hypothetical serious original poster:

Firstly, the mention of the Italians already having done this (with Hungarian born Cicciolina being elected to the Italian parliament way back in 1987), being small beans. Well yes, of course it's small beans - it makes perfect sense that the frequently prudish and sexually schizophrenic US would be at least twenty years behind the much more relaxed Italy. I mean, Italy are plenty pious - the Pope does live there after all - but they have a good attitude to sex, to physicality in terms of not being weird about people touching each other (male friends are perfectly happy walking hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm, just like female friends), and to relationships generally. Of course, if the "small beans" comment was more about Italy being a small insignificant country in the eyes of our hypothetical blogger I'd have to take issue with their being so arrogant as to dismiss a country of 60 million people and several millenia of history, but then.

Now, next we have the "wardrobe malfunction" comment. To be honest, I'm just sorry the blog archives don't go back far enough for me to read the comments on Arnie the ex-bodybuilder and frequent wearer of teeny tiny speedo-type costumes, and the wardrobe malfunction possibilities inherent in his decision to campaign. I'm sure they were hilarious.

The paragraph about "the best line" I don't actually get, as I think everything she's said there is perfectly normal, rational, and sensible for a political candidate. Her issues are good strong issues, two of which are frequently ignored by more patriarchal 'leaders', and politicians are meant to be able to fight, especially in the US, with the ridiculous length of their campaigns.

I have to wonder if our hypothetical blogger would write a post like this - complete with references to fights - if the potential Senator was a male ex-porn-star? I certainly don't remember posts such as these lambasting supposedly good christian senators for all their sexual misdemeanours. Maybe it's something to do with the long-standing stud/slut hypocrisy that seems to permeate society in such a toxic manner? Or simply a case of feeling threatened by a woman who is not afraid to be sexual, not afraid to use her body to her advantage, and who has almost certainly had more 'conquests'?...