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Monday, December 01, 2008

Obama's Cabinet as of December 1, 2008

No big surprises. He has named Gen. James Jones as his National Security Adviser. That is not a cabinet post, but worth mentioning. Susan Rice will serve as UN Ambassador, former Assistant Secretary of State under Albright.

So here is how it looks as of Today. Still a long way to go to fill all of these posts!


Dr. Strangelove said...

So where are the Republicans? I thought there were supposed to be several. I suppose Gates counts as one, although apparently he is only staying on for a year or so.

I wonder if Obama will nominate a Republican Senator from a state with a Democratic Governor? Maybe Sen. Chuck Grassley from Iowa, for Sec. of Agriculture?

The Law Talking Guy said...

Nominating a Republican Senator from a state with a Democratic governor seems too cheap a political trick to work except for a more high-profile position than those that are left. A GOP Trade Rep or Ag secretary would probably be okay.

The problem is that there are almost no Republicans left with any ideas that anybody wants. All the moderates are gone or (like Bill Weld) have no clout. So why bother?

I wonder if Sebelius will get the Ag post. Of all these, she would do the best out of it. Or Brian Schweitzer could go to Interior.

For the base of the party, the big ticket items are Interior, EPA, and Labor. We want real liberals in those posts.

Raised By Republicans said...

Geithner is hard to place. He's worked for both Kissenger and Rubin and was a minor appointed official in the late Clinton Administration. He's known as a pro-business, pro-trade guy.

The Law Talking Guy said...

To quote wikipedia: "After completing his studies, Geithner worked for Kissinger and Associates in Washington, D.C., for three years and then joined the International Affairs division of the U.S. Treasury Department in 1988. He was deputy assistant secretary for international monetary and financial policy (1995–1996), senior deputy assistant secretary for international affairs (1996-1997), assistant secretary for international affairs (1997–1998).
He was Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs (1998–2001) under Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers."

So while not at the top of the treasury agency, "minor appointed official" may be understating his connection to the Clinton administration. Under that administration he went from being a Treasury peon to a Treasury bigwig.