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Monday, August 01, 2005

Recessive Appointment

It's official: Bush has conceded his battle with the US Senate and has handed Mr. Bolton a recess appointment. That's a first for the U.N. ambassadorship. (I wonder if he'll ever do the same for the Supreme Court someday.) What does this mean for the US at the UN? Not much. An organization which Bush never respected anyhow will remain disrespected for a couple more years. And it's not as though our credibility at the UN could fall much lower.

Remember when Bush called Sen. Frist on the carpet and demanded that he organize another floor vote for Bolton? But Frist did not do so, and Bush capitulated. Frist has also departed from Bush on the issue of stem cell research. Is Sen. Frist declaring his independence of Bush in preparation for his 2008 run for the presidency?

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Anonymous said...

I heard on NPR today that Senator Voinavich (R-Ohio) sent Bolton some cheezy best seller book about personel anagement skills. 

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