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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Shhhh Don't talk so loud or everyone will want one

Hi Everyone,

I just heard on MSNBC that the Pope is hooked up to a feeding tube.


US West said...

Not to be cruel, but maybe we should consider it as a new trend. What a weight control method!

Raised By Republicans said...

I just heard that the Pope is refusing to be taken to the hospital again. In response to immediate questions about why it is immoral for Terri Shiavo to refuse artificial life support but not for the Pope, the Papal spokesman, much like Tom DeLay's spokepeople, said that the Pope's situation was different. To clarify, the Church's new position is that refusing food and water is immoral but refusing O2 tents etc is fine.

How interesting that Church doctrine choses to split this particular hair in a way that so conveniently gives the Pope (but not all Catholics) choice in this matter.

Raised By Republicans said...

Question: Raise your hands all those who think the Pope would not have accepted the feeding tube if the Terri Shiavo case had not been so can't see it but my hand is up.

(note: he's got the tube because his appatite is depressed because of his illness and he's not getting enough calories from eating or being fed more naturally)

US West said...

Come on, now RBR! Don't become an extremist like the other side. The Pope is conscious and can tell people what he wants and what he doesn't. His brain isn't liquified. And the Church position isn't new. It's been around for a while now.

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