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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Welcome, fellow earthlings!

Good morning, I'm Professor Werner von Brawn. The other political scientist. Long time lurker, first time poster. In the absence of fair and balanced reporting, I offer you more of the same unfair and imbalanced reporting. Except, of course, it's from my own little corner of reality. So it may seem rather odd at times. A little Homeresque in 3-D land, if you will…

For starters, a little about me. Oh, heck, what do you care, I'm named after a pro wrestler from…well, that would be giving away the whole enchilada this morning. I enjoy NASCAR, Jeff Foxworthy, and pork rinds. Or, if you are more of the Volvo driving, Mother Jones reading, sprouts eating crowd, I can do that to. I am all things to all people. Mainly, I like playing Devil's Advocate to those with warped vision. My mom just thinks I'm a cynic.

Some quick talking points to get us started:

Within a year…

McCain will come to his senses and remember why he doesn't like the Bush camp-and won't be offered the Sec. Def. job.

On election day, voters will say their number one concern is jobs, not Iraq.

In the event of a second Bush administration, both Powell AND Rummy will be gone.

If elected president, Kerry will not withdraw troops from Iraq and will, in hindsight, look to be a GHW Bush realist.

Kerry won't be elected.

And I still won't have a job as either the head football coach for a Gritty Little Team in the PAC-10 or a top Democratic Campaign Strategist. Although believe me, one is infinitely preferable to the other and they could both use my excellent services…

Stick around, I'm sure I'll get interesting one of these days…


Raised By Republicans said...

Kerry won't be elected? What is your rational for this? Do you have any numbers to back that up or is this based only on your oft stated "voters are stupid" theory.

For example, do you think the war on terror will suddenly be the most important issue? Or do you think that the economy will suddenly improve (new job market numbers for the period since the oil price shock are due out this evening).

By the way, a 3rd hurricane in as many weeks is about to hit Florida just as Bush is making his acceptance speech in New York. Is there potential for a major image problem here?

The Law Talking Guy said...

I don't see the connection between Kerry not withdrawing his troops and being seen as following in W's "realism." He will likely return to the multilateralism and institutionalism of Clinton and Bush Sr. Neither believed in a doctrine of pre-emptive warfare.

Raised By Republicans said...

Yes, while we are talking about Realism (I posted on this subject way back in the early days of this blog), Realism is supposed to be about power maximization. Unilateralism is not neccessarily Realist in that often engaging in unilateral military action spends our power without acquiring a comensorate amount of global influence. In short, a Realist could look at what Bush has done and decide that his policies are not those of a rational, power maximizer (at least his foreign policies - he seems adept at maximizing his personal power and that of his friends here at home).